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Management will most likely not have to deal with angry male clerks, because they seem to have enough profit to cover the increase. But it is more important to provide a work environment based on equality, fairness, and Site supervaisar relationships.

These oracles claimed to ascertain the truth of every matter, and were dependent on visitors from every part of Igboland.

First-line supervisors[ edit ] I-O psychology research on first-line supervisors suggests that supervisors with the most productive work groups have the following qualities: They are more helpful to employees and more willing to defend them against criticism from higher management than are less effective supervisors.

The supervisor needs to be familiar with all relevant processes and procedures, both internal and external. Implementation When management informs the employees of the change in wages, they must be clear and specific as to why they decided to change it.

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The management of Robert Hall is not being fair in distributing the goods of the company. From a utilitarian perspective, not increasing the wages provides management with the greatest benefits or least costs, because their expenses are at a minimum and profits are at a maximum.

Management must analyze the impact the wage difference has on female clerks and evaluate the benefits and costs of changing the wage. Usually, the kinds of decisions that had to be made in traditional Igbo societies were either judicial or connected with relations with other groups.


Academia[ edit ] In academiaa supervisor is a senior scientist or scholar who, along with their own responsibilities, aids and guides a postgraduate research student, or undergraduate student, in their research project; offering both moral support and scientific insight and guidance.

Site supervaisar of Industry Procedures Another important part of the job involves keeping projects in line with protocol.

Since equality and fairness are key ethical values to the employees and hopefully the company as well, management will have to desegregate the departments. Disciplining and mentoring staff members often goes hand-in-hand with this. The women employees have the same responsibilities, skills, and efforts as the men, if not more.

That is a quite interesting question, if U. People with this kind of expertise are also needed when companies are moving locations, for instance, or when big events are being planned. The women would not be able to make as much as the men, because of the segregation of the departments.

When dealing with angry male clerks, management needs to emphasize issues of equality and fairness. Less effective supervisors dictate how a job is to be performed and permit no deviation.

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Another important feature of Igbo kinship apart from the precedence given to the male, is the idea of seniority by birth. Management needs the female clerks to sell their goods to gain a profit and female clerks need the job to support their family.

They rested on deliberate deception and were extremely expensive, far beyond the reach of the poor. The first alternative is supported by the legal obligation Robert Hall Clothes Inc.

These product attributes generate value in the market through tactical actions. The nature of these institutions was extremely flexible — for example, a man who had proven his skills at war in the past might be selected to lead the people through this time of crisis, yet would be expected to relinquish this leadership once the time of crisis was past.

They need to emphasize the importance of ethical values, especially those of equality and fairness. If the men salespeople make a little bit more than the women after the increase, then there will still be an issue of equality.


Less effective supervisors dictate how a job is to be performed and permit no deviation.diplamo, Civil Engineering, site supervaisar.

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