An argument in favor of homosexual marriages because they deserve equal rights and equal protection

Such laws make as much sense as laws that would enforce bans on other behaviors that some religions consider sins—such as banning all seafood, or mandating that all men must grow their beards to a certain length. Civil partnerships should be for everyone, no exceptions Charles Keidan and Rebecca Steinfeld Read more Marriage has been in decline for a very long time.

However, we pray for these too. In fact, by this reasoning birth control shoul be made illegal. This argument is just wrong on its face and almost always ends badly.

Un-civil Rights And Same-sex Marriage

Now, the same type of argument is being used by a new group of bigots to attack gay marriage equality—unsurprisingly, these assertions will turn out to be just as false as the anti-interracial marriage assertions were during the last big fight over marriage. You want more than the same legal freedoms I have.

Rather, it was established by God in Paradise for our first parents, Adam and Eve.

homosexual marriage Essay Examples

If marriage could be changed back then to include interracial couples, then nothing but bigotry prevents it from being changed today to include gay couples. Although a minister, Rivers rests his arguments on historical grounds. When sex acts are forced on unwilling participants they become immoral and criminal acts of rape.

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Homosexuality may be a religious sin, but it is not immoral and has no detrimental effect on society. A growing number of politicians, including President Obama and even some Republicans, have voiced their endorsement.

This was confirmed in Lawrence v. Lippold dissenting opinion Despite what the bigots argued back then there was no flood of incestuous marriages after interracial marriages were legalized in the United States.

If an individual is calling for violence against gays ex. According to numerous peer-reviewed studies on the subject, homosexual behavior has been documented in hundreds of animal species; the exact number of species documented to exhibit homosexual behavior is always growing, but the Yale Scientific newsletter has reported that at least examples have been confirmed.

As practicing Catholics, we are filled with compassion and pray for those who struggle against unrelenting and violent temptation to homosexual sin. Of course, many couples have reinvented marriage as a partnership of equals, but for others, the baggage is too much.

Debate: Gay adoption

It is shocking, on reading the first page of the opinion in Loving v.In Peter Singer’s article, All Animals are Equal, Singer claims that animals deserve the same equal rights and respect that the human lives get. His strongest argument is defined by all animals, human or non-human shall be defined as equal.

Refuting Anti-Gay Rights Arguments “Gay people already have equal marriage rights because they are allowed to marry a person of the opposite sex. Also committment in homosexual relationships or ‘marriages’ rarely last, or if they do then infidelity is a normal occurence- feelings of love do not last forever- in all marriages the.

Homosexual activists argue that same-sex “marriage” is a civil rights issue similar to the struggle for racial equality in the s. This is false.

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First of all, sexual behavior and race are essentially different realities. Why the "equal rights" argument for gay marriage fails.

Straight people deserve equal rights to civil partnerships. Marriage is not for everyone

they pushed aside Lincoln in favor of J.P. Morgan and company, and if they didn't actively embrace the Southern redefinition of the war. But they also never specified what process is "due," what punishments are "cruel and unusual," or what "equal protection of the laws" means in every instance.

Apr 29,  · The day’s arguments, over same-sex marriage bans in Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee, were divided into two segments.

An argument in favor of homosexual marriages because they deserve equal rights and equal protection
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